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UnTechnical Writing: How to Explain Technical Subjects and Products to Anyone
by Michael Bremer

*Currently used as a textbook at colleges and universities across the US and Canada.

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UnTechnical Writing
is a manifesto for technology writers, producers and companies who care about their nontechnical customers' need to understand this ever-more-technical world.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Analyze and understand your target reader.
  • Communicate complex information so anyone can understand you.
  • Know how and when to use humor—even in technical documentation.
  • Work with editors, managers, graphic artists and other writers.
  • Survive as a writer in a high-tech company.
  • Acquire the skills you'll need to better your writing and your career.
  • Bridge the gap between the high-tech world and the average consumer.

This book is for:

  • Technical writers who write for a nontechnical audience.
  • Anyone who manages, hires, contracts, or subcontracts writers.
  • Anyone who needs to explain anything complex or technical to a nontechnical audience.
  • Anyone who wants to write in the technical world.

The author has spent 20+ years in various high-tech industries, and the last 10 years writing, editing, and managing writers. This book contains the lessons you'd learn if you worked in his department and he was your private writing coach.

No other book can better prepare you to work as a writer in the technical world, to write better about technology for a nontechnical audience, or to understand how the ever-more-important writer can help fill the technology gap between the knows and know-nots.

Trade paperback. 232 pages. $14.95

ISBN: 0-9669949-0-6, LCCN: 99-90429

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