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The User Manual Manual:
How to Research, Write, Test, Edit and Produce a Software Manual

by Michael Bremer

*Currently used as a textbook at colleges and universities across the US and Canada.

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Everyone who has worked or even tinkered with technology has at one time or another (or many times) been plagued by inaccurate, incomplete, incomprehensible and inane—if not truly evil—manuals.

The User Manual Manual is a step toward changing the world (of manuals and manual writers).

The equivalent of a master's course in manual writing and production, The User Manual Manual has all the background material a manual writer could ever need, plus a complete sample project that ranges from the first day on the job through archiving and post-mortem.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Analyze and understand your working environment.
  • Tailor your goals and working methods to the team's development lifecycle.
  • Analyze and understand design documents.
  • Analyze and understand your target reader.
  • Research a product
  • Outline and write a manual fit for any audience.
  • Organize a manual to cover a program on multiple platforms.
  • Deal with and learn from editors.
  • Prepare screenshots.
  • Prepare a manual for layout.
  • Work with graphic artists.
  • Repurpose the manual into an onscreen help system.
  • Prepare addendums and Quick-Start Guides.

This book is for:

  • Technical writers who write manuals for software products.
  • Anyone who manages, hires, contracts, or subcontracts manual writers.
  • Anyone who wants to write in the technical world.

Whether you're about to write your first manual, or want to write your next one quicker, better and more easily, The User Manual Manual was written for you.

Trade Paperback. $29.95

ISBN: 0-9669949-1-4, LCCN: 99-90430

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