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On a regular basis, some of our books get scuffed, banged up, manhandled at trade shows or seminars or otherwise mildly mistreated. They're still in very good condition, but can't be sold as new.

And sometimes we just need to clear some of our older products out of the warehouse to make room for the new ones.

What do we do with them? Offer them to you at a great price, that's what.

Here are our current slightly damaged and overstock goods. Quantities are limited, so ... well you know.

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UnTechnical Writing: How to Explain Technical Subjects and Products to Anyone 

Regular Price: $14.95

Slightly Dinged: $10.00

The User Manual Manual: How to Research, Write, Test, Edit and Produce a Software Manual

Regular Price: $29.95

Slightly Dinged: $20.00

Taming the Electronic Beast: Conquering Computer Fear

Regular Price: $14.95

Slightly Dinged: $7.50
Overstock: $10.00

Safe Computing: How to Protect Your Computer,
Your Body, Your Data, Your Money and
Your Privacy in the Information Age

Regular Price: $24.95
Slightly Dinged: $15.00

Conquering Computer Fear Audio Workshop

Regular Price: $19.95
Slightly Dinged: $10.00

Safe Computing Bonus Disk

Overstock Price: $4.95


Ronald Dragon,
An Electronic Storybook

Regular Price: $9.95
Slightly Dinged: $7.00




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