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  You're not a dummy.
You're not an idiot.
All you need is a little advice from the Neighborhood Nerd.

We all feel dumb sometimes--especially when we deal with computers. But the first step to mastering computers is to stop blaming ourselves when things go wrong, accept the fact that computers aren't perfect, and learn just enough of the basics so we can co-exist with them.

The Neighborhood Nerd is here to explain things to you clearly and simply. Here's our current lineup:

Taming the Electronic Beast: 
Conquering Computer Fear
by Michael Bremer

If using a computer would help you personally or professionally, and your fear is holding you back, then Taming the Electronic Beast is for you. It uses a mixture of common sense, industry inside knowledge, psychology and humor to defang computers, and make them more approachable.

Paperback. 144 pages. $14.95

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Safe Computing: How to Protect Your Computer, Your Body, Your Data, Your Money and Your Privacy in the Information Age
by Tom Bentley

Simple enough for beginners, and complete enough for experienced computer users, this book has everything you need to keep yourself, your data and your possessions safe.

Includes a bonus CD with Windows and Macintosh software for virus protection, backup, ergonomics and more!

Paperback, 208 pages plus Bonus CD, $24.95

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Conquering Computer Fear Audio Workshop
by Michael Bremer

Based on the material in the book Taming the Electronic Beast, this audio workshop lets you master the computer just by listening.

CD with workbook, $19.95
Cassette with a workbook, $19.95

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Safe Computing Bonus Disk

This is the disk that comes with the book Safe Computing (above), available now without the book for those who just want the software.

It contains Windows and Macintosh software--freeware, shareware and demos--for virus protection, backup, ergonomics and more!

CD-ROM, $4.95

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We've got a few of our Advice from the Neighborhood Nerd products that were slightly scuffed in shipping, or were paged through a few times at trade shows or seminars. Click here for a great deal. 

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