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These Writers' Information Pages are here to be a resource for writers of all sorts. The first two books for writers that we published are about technical writing, and we definitely have a lot of articles and information for technical writers, but we're branching out quickly.

We'll soon have plenty of articles and information on all types of writing. Please take a look at our offerings, and come back soon for more.

Articles and Information Links to Other Sites of Interest to Writers

Proofreaders' Marks 
What do all those red scribbles that your editor leaves on your work mean? How do you mark up someone else's writing? Here's a chart that explains standard proofreader's marks.

Get Paid to Pay Your Dues!
No, this isn't a job offer or a scam. But, with a bit of hard work, it is a way to become a professional writer--and even get paid to learn.

Wake Up and Smell the Technology
A call for writers who consider themselves too creative to write about technology to give it a try. We need you.

Tech Writers Need a Manifesto!
With technology and complexity taking over everyone's home and work life, tech writers are the most necessary writers in today's world. Yet they're also the most-maligned, least-appreciated, under-utilized, perpetually overlooked. Let's change this situation.

How to Write a Proper Synopsis
The CEO of a literary agency explains exactly how to--and how not to--write a synopsis as part of your writing submissions. 

A Word to the Wise: How to Get Your Manuscript Read
Another article from the CEO of a literary agency. Contains lots of useful information.

Getting Acquainted with the Major Trade Magazine Publishers
Excerpt from the book Writing for Trade Magazines: How to Boost Your Income by $200 to $500 per Week
by Kendall Hanson

Living Documentation: The Future of Technical Writing
The future of writing is here. This article focuses on technical writing, but everything it says applies as well to other types of writing--or it will soon.


http://tradewriter.freeservers.com --The Trade Writers Resource Center

http://www.abs-book.com/ -- A literary agency site with lots of helpful articles.

http://www.poewar.com -- Writers' Resource Center--a good site for all types of writing.

http://www.ivanhoffman.com -- IVAN HOFFMAN, B.A., J.D., Attorney At Law
Writing and Publishing Law, Web Design Contracts and Law, Copyrights, Trademarks, Internet Law, Web Site Audits, Recording and Music Law. 

This site has a lot of good articles for writers and publishers.

A site about freelance writing.

About.com's Tech Writing Site -- About.com's Tech writing guide site.

http://www.autodidactic.com -- A website with books on self-education. Learning is part of the writing process.

http://www.tombentley.com -- The Write Word, Copywriting and editing services. UnTechnical Press uses them for a final edit on all of our books. 

Midwest Book Review -- The Midwest Book Review website has lots of general, technical and business  information for writers, reviews of books for writers and publishers, and lots of book reviews.

Autographed By Author Website -- AutographedByAuthor delivers buyers to authors who sell their books, autographed, from their websites.

A writing/technical writing web site, with tutorials and reference




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